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We take your privacy seriously and have instigated steps to ensure that your information is kept safe and secure.

For starters, we collect cookies but only do so for shopping-related data that we do not sell or make available to any third parties. The only parties that have access to cookie data are the companies that help us collect it such as analytics companies. Your cookie data will remain in our care and will not be used in any way that compromises its integrity or constitutes misuse.

We may collect customer in-store-related data such as emails, location, items purchased, items viewed, among others that we’ll only use to enhance our store experience for you. This data will only be used by us to advertise our new and well-performing products to you and to avail offers and promotion details to you.

For emails, you can choose to subscribe to our newsletter when creating your account with us and in that case, we’ll periodically send you newsletter updates and offers. Your data will not be availed or used by any third parties to advertise to you.

We are GDPR and CA compliant. On request, we can provide you a copy of your data via email and you can request the deletion of said data from our side. However, requesting a deletion could also mean that you will have to re-enter data such as address and shipping information for your next purchase.

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